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All About Us

dgb IT is a steadily growing programmer company focused on meeting the needs of companies and institutions from a group of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). Upon the customer’s order, we create, design, and integrate the dedicated software by using modern technologies and trends prevailing in the market of IT services.

Our solutions support the business processes of enterprises directly and have a significant influence on their automation. Most of our systems are used in logistics, storage, sales, management and planning of production and support the decision-making processes as well. They are often a supplement of ERP systems or acquire a leading role in systems assisting the management of the company.

The main purpose of the operation of our company is to create innovative informatics solutions for the ever-growing demands of customers. We are motivated for the intensive work to develop solutions by our clients’ satisfaction with the software which nobody else has been able to take.

For needs of our own solutions we developed, wrote and implemented procedures to create applications based on a common platform (framework) for all our projects. This shortened time for designing and application’s development significantly and cut the costs of our software clearly.

The application framework was called Coder and it is the basement of all our software solutions.

Dexter integrates a lot of useful and practical solutions which facilitate the work of a programmer significantly. It shortens time of the creation and expansion of the software. Thanks to implementation of all the general mechanisms in it, we pay all our attention to our customers' business processes, and focus on understanding their needs and expectations already at the stage of creating a final product.

If you are interested in order for us services, please contact us .

We guarantee a high standard and quality of services. Our ever-growing group of customers, satisfied with our solutions and references, issued by them are the best evidence of it.
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